Floating with the Spirits of Thailand

The Loy Krathong Festival – November 10th 2011

Float away your bad luck and ‘non-meritous’ deeds from the past year on a beautiful boat of banana leaves and good fortune: It’s Loy Krathong time!

As night falls and the full moon rises, people begin making their way to the water.Loy Krathong is by far one of the most popular festivals celebrated in Thailand. Occurring annually on the full moon the festival takes place during November of the Gregorian calendar; a time when the heavy rains of the wet season (should!) have ceased throughout most of the Kingdom, but the waterways of the land are still swollen with past spells of rain. This year we would like to exclude the City of Angels – Bangkok – which during this year’s rains and some other unforeseen issues with waterways has become more recognised as the engorged City of Mermaids. Continue reading

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A Voice in the Wilderness

Liz Luxen

When it comes time every month to select a topic for our website we are often baffled by the numerous people of relevance who live on Koh Samui. For such a small piece of the Kingdom of Thailand, there are so many people who have risen to the top of their profession, of their community, and of their place in life, reminding us all that despite the fact that we are laden with atrocities occurring on our lonely planet that there is still good remaining in mankind. We have heard stories of those who have inspired us to work hard, to shoot for the stars and to never look back from our dreams. This blog entry is about a leader who takes her role one step further in helping those who need a second voice, and for you as a tourist this gives you a contact should you ever run into some serious trouble where you don’t know which way to turn.

Liz Luxen has been the name on many people’s lips when a time of crisis arises, A leader who takes her role one step further or simply when a word of advice is required in a different tongue. When confusion is imminent, or where disagreements occur between people of different culture and as language becomes the barrier that must be surpassed, Liz provides the link to universal comprehension and understanding.
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Fish Fight Club

He lives a life of solitude.

Siamese Fighting Fish - Betta Splendens

There can be no outside distractions to avert his attention from the grueling training that has become his life. Alone he focuses on his destiny, with only his Master and Trainer as his mentor and close companion. Born of greatness, from his moment of birth his fate has been decided. Emanating the life of a Gladiator, a Spartan, a Trojan or that of a Samurai, he is an enigmatic warrior of descended breed. No weapons but those that have been naturally bestowed upon him will guide him to victory. With a shroud of brilliant colours swirling about his body like a cloak, he perfects his Ninja-like movements that will decide the fate of his next battle. His Trainer bates his temper, spraying water into his face and driving him into such fury that he resembles a Berserker from the ancient battlefields of Greece; those who would tear off their garments and run into the heat of battle knocking down every enemy that stood in their way. As with a Muay-Thai boxer in the corner of the ring, the Trainer pushes his student to the mental limits. He flares his fins to their full extent, and stands dead still as the water flows through his frame. Poised, on the brink of rage, he prepares himself to attack. His enemy is only his reflection on the glass bowl that confines him for the moment.
He is the Siamese Fighting Fish. Continue reading

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The Rocket Festival of Koh Samui

Koh Samui will celebrate the Bun Bang Fai FestivalBeginning on the 11th of May and running until the 15th, following the traditions of a good Thai celebration, the Koh Samui Rocket Festival will launch into the skies over the Gulf of Thailand, and with it aiding in the main celebrations that are being simultaneously held in the northern province of Isan.

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Muay Thai Training on Koh Samui

Women learn Thai Boxing at Koh Samui's Muay Thai campsAncient Arts for the Modern Woman

When thinking about the connotations of the ancient art form of Muay Thai, or Thai Kick-Boxing as it has become more widely known in Koh Samui training camps, muscular and sweat riddled warriors come to mind, knees and elbows dangerously trained to crush and conquer. The masters of Muay Thai initially derived this art from the need for close contact and hand to hand combat in difficult terrain, from their early threats of invasion. In hand-to-hand combat, weapons become clumsy and therefore elbows, knees, feet and fists became more practical. Now considered Thailand’s national sport, it has risen in the eyes of martial artists to be one of the most difficult and toughest of the arts.

Originally women were banned from exercising this art form, although many Thai women know enough of the fighting techniques to stand off an attacker, or to kick your ass for not taking out the garbage. Today you can see children, men and women practicing harmoniously side by side at any dojo in Thailand.  Continue reading

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The Koh Samui Butterfly Garden

Astounding insects at Samui's Butterfly GardenThe Butterfly Garden is located on the Southern shores of Koh Samui, created specifically as a natural sanctuary for the butterflies of Asia. Gathered here are also a variety of Arachnid, Beetles and other assorted creatures of mystery that creep, crawl and fly about the jungles of Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

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The Samui Crocodile Farm

Cody & Lisabeth Discover Samui’s Reptiles

The show was breath-stopping with the dangerous manoeuvres the trainers executed with the greatest of easeIt wouldn’t be exactly accurate to say that my husband Cody is a super brave man. He does jump at the sight of geckos and the odd spider that wander into our resort at Coconut Samui Villas on Bang Por Beach. He isn’t one of the great warriors who go out looking for snakes in the jungles or peering under rocks on the beaches. I think in fact that I am a little less afraid than he is of most animals that are not either domestic or behind a caged wall. But he does have a great smile and a very soft heart. Unlike this man… Continue reading

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The Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo

Getting up close with some of the coolest animalsThe Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo is place is the ace in the deck when it comes to getting up close and personal with some of the coolest animals and amphibians alive. And for those of you who don’t swim, and are a little afraid of getting too close to live and hungry sharks, visiting the Aquarium is all about discovering local marine life without having to even get in the water! From Manta Rays to Puffer Fish the aquarium provides you with an enjoyable, special perspective of the underwater kingdom of Thailand. Continue reading

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Paradise Park Farm, Koh Samui

Paradise Park Farm lies on Samui’s highest mountain Khao PomThe island of Koh Samui may at first sight appear to be a somewhat uninhabited island for the most part. Unfortunately, it is an island, and for the wildlife that once lazily ventured here, their time of freedom has expired. You will still see a great deal of wildlife such as birds, bats, snakes and reptiles, monitor lizards and the odd coconut monkey in the mountains and caves of Samui, but the days of an unspoiled and naturally reserved island have given way to the tourism industry of Thailand.  Fortunately, what have remained are unspoiled nooks high up on Samui’s mountains, where the beach bungalows and 5-star resorts have yet to establish their presence. Continue reading

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Songkran: Happy New Year Thailand!!

The World’s Largest Water Fight with Helena from Coconut Resorts
“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…
It’s about learning to dance in the rain!”

Helena at the beaches of Coconut SamuiAll I did was step outside of my villa at Coconut Resorts, and it hit me!
I’m not exactly sure why, or what I did, but there I stood soaking wet. The streets were a blaze of people with buckets of water, giant water guns, and hoses stretched from who knows where, out into the traffic. Truckloads of Thais and tourists were frantically throwing as much water as possible onto the people lined up along the sides of the road, and in retaliation the pedestrians scrambled out of their way only to attack the vehicles en-mass when it appeared they had an advantage. I had inadvertently walked into the middle of what appeared to be a chaotic battle. I looked down at my newly pressed clothes, watching the water run down my legs and into my shoes, and wondered why. Why me?
“Happy New Year!” the gardener said to me with a smile, and handed me an umbrella. Continue reading

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Holiday Villa Coconut Paradise P2

Paige at holiday villa Paradise P2

& Coconut Paradise

It’s been five years that I have been coming here to Coconut Resorts on Koh Samui. Five winters my family and I have managed to escape and spend the two coldest months vacationing on Coconut Beach rather than shovelling metres of snow from one place to another. And five years of coming home with the most amazing suntan! My friends in College are so envious of me. This year Mom and Dad let me bring a friend along because we have four bedrooms and plenty of space. Not only that, but they thought I could use some company touring around the island, hitting the nightclubs and exploring the nearby islands as they spend some quality time together.
My name is Paige, and this is where I spend my winters!

Our favourite villa is called Coconut Paradise P2, and it is the best villa in all of the grounds. It is one of the most popular houses of the Paradise collection and can be rented years in advance, so you need to find a time of year that suits you best, and book early. The reason is that it sits in the middle of the courtyard and has a direct line of sight into the huge figure-eight swimming pool and then out onto the Gulf of Thailand. Continue reading

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Tanim Waterfall & Magic Garden

Sydney from Australia

Sydney & The Secret Garden of Koh Samui

Hi, I’m Sydney your tour guide and local visiting Archaeologist from Coconut Villas on Bang Por Beach.

I’m going to take you on a mystical tour where we will wander amongst unclad goddesses and into the depths of Samui’s private historic gardens. Here you will often find Pop Stars and famous Dj’s, Actors and other personalities completing photo sessions amid the wonders perched beneath the heavens of Koh Samui. Continue reading

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A Gentleman with Vision

Sebastian with vision


Coconut Villas on Koh Samui has seen many people come and go, many have come back year after year, and there are even some that we would love to see more often than we do. We would like to introduce you to Sebastian.

“I enjoy to entertain as much as I do to bask in the silence of the gardens at Coconut Villas with a beautiful lady. The amenities that R1 has to offer go beyond those of the ordinary rental villa on Koh Samui. For me, the owners are impeccable with the choices they have made of their staff members, the maid service that is offered, right down to the gardeners and pool boys that mingle in true Thai style amongst the guests. Coconut Villas River 1 Beach Villa is definitely the holiday home of my choice.” Continue reading

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Hin Ta & Hin Yai – Grandfather & Grandmother Rocks

Sydney from Australia

Sydney & Samui’s Naughty Nature

There is one of nature’s most unusual forces at work here that has spurned into folklore and remains to this day as one of the ancient mysteries of Koh Samui. Known as the Grandfather, Grandmother Rocks,  (Hin-Ta, Hin-Yai in the Thai language) these astounding natural rock phenomenon are something to behold.

Hi! I’m Sydney, and like my namesake I too come from the ‘land down under.’  I have been visiting Koh Samui since I was a little girl, and have always been somewhat of an explorer when it comes to finding natural rock formations, hidden away caves, sunken treasure and natural phenomenon in general. I hold an honours degree in Bachelor of Archaeology from Flinders University in Australia and am a member of The Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists. So, as you might imagine I love to go on expeditions and jungle tours. I am not one of those girls who are afraid to pick up a snake, and I am absolutely fascinated by insects. Continue reading

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Kristy’s Discovery: Love Villa M2

Kristy at the  Love Villa Mansion M2

Meet Kristy…
And the
Coconut Samui
“Love Villa”
Mansion M2

Hi there, my name is Kristy and I would love to take you on a tour of one of my most favourite holiday homes for rent in Thailand.

I’ve travelled a lot over the past year, trying to find a place for me and my friends to have some extreme fun at. You see, we’re not your average holiday group. We like to do things together. My girlfriends and their friends are the type to lay around the swimming pool half naked to get the best tan possible, and sometimes even go skinny-dipping during a good party. Continue reading

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