Chaweng Beach – Koh Samui

Holiday Spirit at Chaweng Beach

pdf iconChaweng is the longest and by far the most popular beach on Samui. It is also the largest tourist centre, boasting hundreds of hotels and bungalows that stretch out along its fine white sands, as well as inland. 5-star luxury resorts share the space with more economical accommodation choices, along with a 5-kilometre street of stalls and shops that sell everything Thailand is famous for. Prices are a little higher here than in other areas of the island, but the range of choices in food, accommodation and entertainment is impressive, making this beach and its surroundings the centre of activity for many visitors.

Approximately 20 minutes from Coconut Beach, getting there is easy with a multitude of transportation methods ranging from Taxi to Songteow. Just make sure you make arrangements if you are going to stay there past 5pm, as this is when the public systems stop and prices are free-lanced.

This stretch of beach is where people go to see people, play volleyball on the beach, rent a jet ski, sailboat or speedboat to one of the neighbouring islands, or get a massage right where you lay. This beach is the hub of sunning bodies on the sands, and beach-bars sporting a plethora of both Thai and Western cuisines directly on the beach.

Splashing at Chaweng Beach Afternoon shower arriving at Chaweng Beach Traditional Thai fishing boat at Chaweng Beach
Sailing catamaran for rent at Chaweng Beach Fantasy swimming pool at the beach front of Chaweng Picture perfect white sand beach at Chaweng

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