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Sydney & Samui’s Naughty Nature

There is one of nature’s most unusual forces at work here that has spurned into folklore and remains to this day as one of the ancient mysteries of Koh Samui. Known as the Grandfather, Grandmother Rocks,  (Hin-Ta, Hin-Yai in the Thai language) these astounding natural rock phenomenon are something to behold.

Hi! I’m Sydney, and like my namesake I too come from the ‘land down under.’  I have been visiting Koh Samui since I was a little girl, and have always been somewhat of an explorer when it comes to finding natural rock formations, hidden away caves, sunken treasure and natural phenomenon in general. I hold an honours degree in Bachelor of Archaeology from Flinders University in Australia and am a member of The Australian Association of Consulting Archaeologists. So, as you might imagine I love to go on expeditions and jungle tours. I am not one of those girls who are afraid to pick up a snake, and I am absolutely fascinated by insects.

My base camp on Samui is at the Coconut Villas Resort in Bang Por, and from there I always gather a few newcomers to take on a hike or a boat trip to the National Marine Park that is so very nearby. Technically and geographically speaking, by the way, Koh Samui is located within the Angthong National Marine Park boundaries; a very interesting fact for those who are intrigued with Asia’s oceanic laws.

Is that what I think it is?
Is that what I think it is?

Being such a great fan of the Coconut Villas, I have been asked to share some of my insights with you in regards to what you can expect to find on Samui, where the hype stops short of what the guide books tell you and where you can go for some very interesting underwater, or land adventures.

Now if you’re anything like me you’ve probably done at least a little bit of research into the wildlife and the explorations that are available on this coconut plantation island. My advise to you however is don’t trust guidebooks wholeheartedly. You won’t have time to see or do all the things they commend anyway. Just pick what really interests you and make it your principal focus. The benefits? You know exactly what you’re going to get, so you don’t risk disappointment. And with me to help give you some of the inside tips on the sights, you really won’t waste a moment of your precious holiday time.

Samui island Magic Alambic rum distillery tours, culinary adventures, elephant treks, and Buddhist temple trips are all good ideas. Now, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, why not go even further and break a social taboo as well. Take nudity as a focal point of your coming trip to end up with only a few yet ridiculously funny images that will make your friends turn green with envy. And if somebody gets offended… well, it’s just nature, isn’t it? But then again, you wouldn’t believe how naughty nature can be.

HinTa Hin yai Beach
South Beach at Hin Ta - Hin Yai
Grandfather Rock
Visitors at Hin Ta - Hin Yai

Koh Samui encompasses some 200 square kilometres of white sand beaches, jungle-matted peaks and endless groves of coconut trees. But there is one of nature’s most unusual forces at work here that has spurned into folklore and remains to this day as one of the ancient mysteries of Koh Samui.

Known as the Grandfather, Grandmother Rocks,  (Hin-Ta, Hin-Yai in the Thai language) these astounding natural rock phenomenon are something to behold. Hin-Ta – the Grandfather Rock stands fully erect against the Asian skies, a phallic formation like no other on this planet. What is even more remarkable is the fact that only a few metres away, and I still find this hard to believe every time I come here, there is the mammoth sized version of the female genitalia called Hin-Yai, or the Grandmother Rock. Frothing at her inner thighs the lapping waves of the Gulf of Thailand provide quite the imagery as you stand upon one of Grandmother’s smooth granite legs and literally look up into her.

The local people share with us the story of these bewildering rock formations, which according to Thai legend have been cast upon the shores of Samui in an honourable gesture.

“A folklore of Samui Island tells the story of an old couple by the name of Ta Kreng (Grandpa Kreng) and Yai Riem (Grandma Riem) who lived with their son in the southern province of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Since their son had come of age, they felt that it was time he got married.

One day they decided to sail to the neighbouring province of Prachuap Khiri Khan to ask for the hand of Ta Monglai’s daughter. During their sea journey, their boat was seized by a storm. The old man and his wife were unable to swim ashore. They died at sea, turning into rocks as proof to the would-be bride’s parents of their true intentions. The rocks stand there to this day.”

Grandmother RockGrandfather Rock

Apart from going to this site to witness nature at her naughtiest, there are also some very beautiful spots to spend an afternoon snorkelling or basking in the sun. There is a small bay surrounded by the rocks of this outcropping of granite with a sandy bottom, stretching out into the gulf.

Chilling off between the rocks

It is a fantastic place to spend the late afternoon fishing or simply climbing through the multi-layered rocks that line this part of the island. Vendors have set up along the entranceway to the landmass offering a variety of wares that can only be found at this location. And, if you look closely on your journey out onto the stony tummy of Hin-Yai, you will find emblazoned into the stone King Rama V’s personal seal, commemorating his visit to this favoured island phenomenon.

Souvenir standsI know you enjoyed this glimpse into the nether-regions of Samui’s history. On my next little tour I will take you high into the mountains for an enchanting and reposeful experience of the Tanim Magic Garden, where a farmer by the name of Uncle Nim single-handedly carved some of the island’s most beautiful treasures over the course of his 100 years life.Sunset over Grandfather Rock

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  1. Michael says:

    Im, coming to Samui in mid April.. Will you have any tours for then ??

    • Glenn R. Wallis says:

      Dear Michael,
      It would be our pleasure to make certain that while you stay with us that we arrange a tour of this wonderful and stimulating landmark. We appreciate you visiting our Blog and please feel free to access our RSS feed to keep posted as we post 🙂 Sydney has a few more tours that she will take us on, and we have a couple more surprise tour-guides to give you some secret insight into your next holiday adventure. Visit us on Facebook as well and become a Fan to get personal invitations from our hosts. http://www.facebook.com/coconutsamui

      See you on the beach!

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