Kristy’s Discovery: Love Villa M2

Kristy at the  Love Villa Mansion M2

Meet Kristy…
And the
Coconut Samui
“Love Villa”
Mansion M2

Hi there, my name is Kristy and I would love to take you on a tour of one of my most favourite holiday homes for rent in Thailand.

I’ve travelled a lot over the past year, trying to find a place for me and my friends to have some extreme fun at. You see, we’re not your average holiday group. We like to do things together. My girlfriends and their friends are the type to lay around the swimming pool half naked to get the best tan possible, and sometimes even go skinny-dipping during a good party.

So you can imagine our dilemma here in Thailand, where nudity is a bit frowned upon. What we really needed was a private place large enough for us to have fun as a group, and private enough to be able to do anything we want to. On top of that we also like our alone time, and the privacy of our own rooms and space is a must have.
What I have discovered is one of the most private, uniquely built villas on the island of Koh Samui. Even better yet, it’s called the “Love Villa,” officially Mansion M2, or some have come to call it the “Honeymoon Villa” because of the lush decadence of it’s surroundings and the privacy of its quarters.

After my first visit to this villa, we have never looked to stay anywhere else on Samui.
Let me show you around a little bit for a teaser.

A romantic place with complete privacy

Come with me as we pass through the guarded entrance of the Santi Thani Resort, where the hidden away Secret Garden Love Villa makes an appearance about 100 metres towards the left. This majestic, spaciously designed, single storey villa gently huddles along the foothills of the Santi Thani mountain slopes.

What intrigues my friends and me is that it boasts 4 bedrooms with double beds, air-conditioning and 4 bathrooms. The layout is unique and very, very private. 2 units of the villa are on the one side of the grounds, mirrored by 2 more on the other. You can step off your own covered terrace and into the private swimming pool that is featured in this holiday mansion built for a group of friends, or a family of up to 8 people.

Private swimming pool and waterfall feature The "Love Villa" in the evening: Illuminated swimming pool

From the tastefully and architecturally planned out spaces, it is apparent that the owner has built this holiday home to accommodate open spaces, and focused on useful and intriguing room layouts. The entire villa has a living space of 250 m2, of which the living room has 50 m2 with its view to the 50 m2 terraces edging the private swimming pool in the garden.
Now here is the important part of the tour. When I first rented this villa there were only 2 of us, my girlfriend and I, but we gathered people along our way to come and stay with us.
Let me show you why…

The huge roofed over terrace borders the swimming pool

All bedrooms are equipped with double beds, a mirrored dresser, air-conditioning, wardrobe and direct access to its own bathroom. The wing of each side of this wonderful floor plan has 1 bathroom with a bathtub, and a separate shower with a single washbasin. Both wings also have 1 bathroom with a large shaded glass front to the garden, a single washbasin with two large mirrors and a shower. These glass facades are installed with automatic light motion sensors so that when it gets dark the automatic sensors provide light onto the glass front from the inside, disabling anyone from looking into the bathroom from the garden. Although many of our guests wish that they could. During the day you still can see the beautiful plants in the garden, but you cannot see through the shaded glass fronts from the outside. These two bathrooms give the villa a special flair and haven’t been copied by another villa on Koh Samui to this day.

One of four bedrooms
First bathroom of four
Second bathroom with bath tub
Third bathroom
Forth bathroom

The living room is 50sqm large

The living room with air-conditioning and a very large lounge suite opens up enough luxury and space for at least 8 dancers, and even has room for your other party guests or overnight visitors. The integrated built-in kitchen with counter offers all the amenities for the entertainment of a fun group of guests. A large wall-mounted flat-screen TV with DVD Player completes the tasteful decor.

The very large covered terrace features ceiling fans and a dining table large enough for a banquet, providing an exquisiteness of grandeur to this villa. On the left and right side of the terrace there are 2 loungers with mosquito nets, placed so that your guests can enjoy privacy, some snuggle and cuddle time, and relax in the shade. The view to the swimming pool with Jacuzzi is a spectacular delight, especially at night when the waterfall feature is beautifully illuminated. This is my favourite spot to hang out.  This breath-taking villa and all of its one-of-a-kind amenities is the perfect location for pure romance, or for my fantastic poolside bikini parties where the neighbours cannot complain. And when we are in the mood to visit the beach, the beaches of Bang Por are located on the opposite side of the ring road only a stone’s throw away.

Now you would think that this villa is priced beyond the average person’s budget, but you would be wrong. During the highest season of the year, Christmas time through New Year’s, it is only around 500$ U.S., and down to 350$ U.S. in the low seasons. So if there are 8 of you to split this cost, it is less than renting a simple bed for the night at a cheap hotel anywhere!!!

Lovely bathroom decoration made from towelsWell that’s all for now!
Thanks for coming on a tour of the truly well named Love Villa with me.

Drop in some time to have a look and see what we can do to make your holiday the best you will ever remember.

See ya in the Pool 🙂

Online reservations are available through the booking system of Coconut Resorts Koh Samui.

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