Paradise Park Farm, Koh Samui

Paradise Park Farm lies on Samui’s highest mountain Khao PomThe island of Koh Samui may at first sight appear to be a somewhat uninhabited island for the most part. Unfortunately, it is an island, and for the wildlife that once lazily ventured here, their time of freedom has expired. You will still see a great deal of wildlife such as birds, bats, snakes and reptiles, monitor lizards and the odd coconut monkey in the mountains and caves of Samui, but the days of an unspoiled and naturally reserved island have given way to the tourism industry of Thailand.  Fortunately, what have remained are unspoiled nooks high up on Samui’s mountains, where the beach bungalows and 5-star resorts have yet to establish their presence.

Originally Paradise Park Farm was a bird zoo with hundreds of bird species Paradise Park Farm lies on beautifully preserved, spacious and fertile woodland of about 50 rai (20 acres) on Samui’s highest mountain, Khao Pom, situated within the island’s tropical rainforest. Here the keepers of this oasis have gathered together the species that once roamed the island before the encroachment of mankind, as well as a few others that will surprise you.

Young coconut monkeya handful of monkey

Red BirdDeveloped over the course of four years, originally as a bird zoo with hundreds of bird species including parrots, lovebirds, parakeets and macaws, Paradise Park Farm is home to Molly and Mommaem, two parrots that talk to visitors in both Thai and English. They are a popular treat to children who love to have their pictures taken with these colourful characters.

amazing tropical birdsLizzard at Paradise ParkConnected by pleasant walking trails with resting areas to sit and enjoy the natural beauty and the spectacular views of Koh Samui and the surrounding islands, Paradise Park Farm is a favourite day’s outing for the many visitors who stay at the Coconut Samui Villas. These well cared for creatures are frequented by a local veterinarian, excellent staff and the Forestry Department on a regular basis. Friendly tour guides provide information and fill you in on the habits and unique characteristics of the animals, and during the day hours they are released for the guests to pet and feed. The park also features a restaurant, an amazing Infinity pool, and 24 hour camping within the cool temperatures that sweep across this mountain top, a vast contrast to the much hotter climates on the beaches below.

lazy monkeybird color palettehorses at Paradise ParkThe Paradise Park Farm treats you to an interesting and different setting away from the sun-splashed beaches of Koh Samui, and we encourage all guests to Coconut Resorts to take a tour with us into the only wildlife reserve on the island.


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