The Samui Crocodile Farm

Cody & Lisabeth Discover Samui’s Reptiles

The show was breath-stopping with the dangerous manoeuvres the trainers executed with the greatest of easeIt wouldn’t be exactly accurate to say that my husband Cody is a super brave man. He does jump at the sight of geckos and the odd spider that wander into our resort at Coconut Samui Villas on Bang Por Beach. He isn’t one of the great warriors who go out looking for snakes in the jungles or peering under rocks on the beaches. I think in fact that I am a little less afraid than he is of most animals that are not either domestic or behind a caged wall. But he does have a great smile and a very soft heart. Unlike this man…

My name is Lisabeth and I wanted to tell you about one of the most incredible places to visit wildlife of the more carnivorous nature here on the island of Koh Samui. Lisabeth and CodyNow I want to point out to you that I am an avid animal lover, and I have heard of many stories of animal abuse in such environments as these. The distinction that lies between a good zoo and one that is not good is typically in the health of the animals. At the crocodile farm, the trainers, the wildlife, and even the water and cages where these animals spend their not-working hours are all cheery and clean. And in Thailand this is a great feat.

It was my idea to take Cody to the Crocodile Farm, and I did it without telling him exactly where we were going. You could see the sweat break out on his brow when he saw the signs as we entered the parking lot. crocodile showMy smile grew as he put on the bravest face he has and we entered the coliseum. The show was breath-stopping with the dangerous manoeuvres the trainers executed with the greatest of ease. And when it came time for audience participation, I raised Cody’s arm crocodile kissfrantically into the air calling out to the trainers to include him in their next “death-defying feat.” I hope that one day he will forgive me, but the photos of him holding an enormous crocodile now adorn our living room walls at home, and without any memories of the fear he experienced at the time he brags of his battle with these ancient and prehistoric monsters.

prehistoric monsterKing Cobras, venomous vipers, as well as a variety of harmless snakes are a part of this wonderful and imaginative tourist attraction on Samui. And if you have a partner, a friend or spouse, or even a child that is a little fearful of these animals, this is the environment to expose them to the fact that you are safe to view them from afar… Just don’t touch them!

King cobraLizzard at the crocodile farm Koh Samui

audience participationsnake show

Coconut Resorts arranged the sightseeing tour for us the day we arrived. They also have a variety of off-island treats waiting for us to experience, which we’ll be sure to share those with you as soon as we return. We are off to the Angthong Marine Park to visit some of the local villages that still live completely off of the land and seas that they call home. And next week, we are going to visit the cultural temples as they prepare for the most amazing celebration of the year, Songkran, or the Thai New Year’s Festival. See you soon!


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