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It was only 3 short years ago that our company, Coconut Resorts Koh Samui Co. Ltd. was founded. Our sole purpose in 2008 was to administrate the complete rental services ensemble for the evolving and unique Coconut Holiday Villas on Bang Por Beach of Koh Samui. Koh Samui holiday villa rental Coconut Tropicana T1 We focused our purpose on the fact that it was our privilege and responsibility to deliver the highest quality of service to every single one of Coconut Resort’s valued guests, enabling them to experience an unsurpassable holiday. We strive to this day to ensure that our management, guest services, reservations and housekeeping personnel are committed to guarantee that your stay with us is comfortable, as well as to provide unforgettable impressions of Koh Samui and the amazing Kingdom of Thailand.

As we progressed over the years, we have come to realize that our purpose is more than simply providing a holiday home with exceptional care for the world traveler, but our mission is to also relay everything that we know, Beach villa Coconut River R2and everything that there is to see on Koh Samui to those who are visiting. We therefore developed a Social Media Network to enable us to establish a presence, but more importantly to provide insight and direction to those unfamiliar with our tropical paradise. Coconut Resorts Koh Samui has advanced into more than a leader in the field of vacation rental beach property; we have also become the tour guide and voice of Koh Samui’s stunning wonders and idyllic natural settings.

Coconut Paradise holiday villas Koh SamuiUpon entering our microsite holiday.coconutsamui.com, you are thrust into a Blog where personal perceptions of the area are freely given, tours of romantic and secluded beaches are revealed and where detailed information about what to expect and where to go are accentuated. We, of course, focus on what is available at the Coconut Resorts and what features you will find here that no other resort on Samui has to offer, but we also wander outside of our walls and beaches to share with you the island’s authentic Thai personality. We travel to restaurants, landmarks and markets, and even within our fellow resorts to allow you to see what this Kingdom has in store for you on your impending visit.  We leave no secret uncovered, no destination forgotten and no guest without the desire to return.

Within all of our media you have the ability to visit our exclusive resort where no villa interiors are exactly the same, and where others offer such a diversity of ambiance that it can even become difficult to choose. Coconut River R1 holiday villa rental Koh SamuiCoconut Resorts offers the holiday seeker a variety of high-quality selections with more than 40 villas available on Koh Samui within the seven resort style developments along the three kilometres of pure azure water and beaches of Bang Por. These modern and spacious accommodations are the inspiration of sensual and sultry vacations, as well as the alternative to cramped hotel rooms for similar costs. Some are hidden away in enchanted gardens, while others sit majestically on the beach overlooking the Gulf of Thailand in all of its glory during the evening sunsets of the golden fire dragon as she slips beneath the horizon. Comforts such as private pools to master-bedroom romantic Jacuzzis await those who reside with us.

The Coconut Team is never far away, and constantly on site prepared to cater to the needs of every guest. Inspired by the delight of pleasing you on your holiday, you will find the staff and management readily available to help you, guide you and to ensure that Coconut Resorts is your dream destination on Koh Samui.

So there you have it. Your perfect getaway, the most serene and Asian holiday in Thailand, the most luxurious vacation rental home on Koh Samui and with the best prices compared to anything available, Coconut Resorts and its staff await your arrival with enthusiasm.
We know we’ll see you soon!

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